What To Do On A Snow Day!

February 23, 2023

BY: Keyara Tabbert, MFT, LMFT-it

What to do on a Snow Day!

It can be very hard on us parents when school is called out for a snow day! The kiddos get all kinds of
excited and use that energy to bounce off the walls at home. I know; I have four of them! Then there
is the fact that caregivers may have to take time off work to stay home with the kids, sometimes without financial compensation! URGHHHH, how stressful!

Here are a few things you can do to remain cool, calm, and collected during an extended snow day:

1. Take this time to engage your family in creating the grocery shopping list for next week. Google “crazy snacks for kids” to help you find fun ideas to make with your children!

2. Organize your life. Our mental and emotional health can be a direct reflection of the world we
live in. If our home is messy, our mind may also be a bit “messy.” After you organize, don’t forget to take a deep breath and be proud of your hard work and clean living space.

3. Don’t forget that it is OKAY for your children to play alone! Imagination and creativity learned by solo play is a crucial building blocks in developing social skills for our littles. Solo play also builds self-esteem, so take one when you need a break during these long and hard days. It will be good for you and your children!

4. You could always bundle up and play in the new snowfall (weather permitting)!

5. There are countless other games and activities you can play with your children to pass the time
during these long days at home. Here is a website you can gather a few ideas for some fun stuff
to do with items found around the house, 18 Fun Games to Play at Home - IcebreakerIdeas
Remember, the more you let yourself go and have fun engaging in and playing with your
children, the less stressed you would feel, and the more you will grow together as a family!

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