Increase Your Childs Emotional Health In 20 Minutes a Day!

February 17, 2023

BY: Keyara Tabbert, MFT, LMFT-it

Did you know that spending 20 minutes a day with your children can increase their, and your emotional health drastically?!

What it does for them:

Creates a healthy attachment style. Attachment styles are the ways in which we maneuver our relationships and the characteristics we use to relate with one another. This is crucial in creating healthy relationship dynamics and solid partnerships into adulthood.  Following your child’s lead during play allows them to develop many essential skills and feelings they will need to be emotionally healthy adults like patience, leadership, collaboration, and camaraderie, to name a few.

Decreases the risk of your child experiencing feelings of depression, anxiety, and suicidality.
As well as limiting the chance of your child developing ADD, ODD, or other behavior-related diagnoses.

What it does for you:      

Using your imagination and creativity for play keeps your brain young. Playing with your child can often require physical activity, which supports our physical body in movement and will naturally regulate your emotional and mental health. 

Since your child will develop a healthy attachment with you, this will increase the trust within the parent/child relationship. This will increase the chances your child will confide in you when they are teenagers instead of “rebelling against” you.

So, I challenge all of you caregivers/older siblings out there to let loose for only 20 minutes of your day today and play! Be the pirate, fly like the fairies, move like the monkey, follow the leader, and roar like that lion because you will be glad you did!

The ABH team is here to give you more tips on how to increase your child's emotional well-being.   Feel free to call us to schedule your appointment today.