Decision-Making 101 

January 30, 2024

BY  -Brianna Voss- Intern 

Do you find yourself having a difficult time making decisions? Making decisions can be difficult for many people. Well, here are some tips to help you navigate your decision-making process and hopefully help you make the best decisions for yourself!

Start by investigating the situation in detail. Take your time making the decision; don’t feel like you must rush into a decision. It is OKAY to tell someone you would like to take more time to think about the situation. If you need to be perfect, try to banish your “perfect” mindset.  No one can be perfect, and we all are allowed to make mistakes. After all, mistakes are our best teacher.

Another essential part of the decision-making process is paying attention to your emotions. Having anxiety is your body’s way of directing you back to yourself to help you make more thorough decisions. Something helpful in assisting your decision-making process is to ask yourself, “who are you trying to please?” Keep in mind: are you trying to please yourself or someone else with the decision you are making? Try to make a decision that pleases everyone, but most importantly you. Understanding your motivations and who you might disappoint or please because of your decision and weighing those outcomes will help you move forward.

Lastly, try to let go of past bad decisions. Build trust in yourself by not only forgiving yourself for past mistakes but also by acknowledging when you’ve made a good decision in the past. Learn to become comfortable with your decisions after all no one knows you better than yourself.

“Every decision is an opportunity to learn and grow.” If you have a hard time with decision-making, feel free to reach out to Arrow Behavioral Health to schedule an appointment with one of our clinicians!